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Long-Term Care Insurance

The Problem

Nobody likes to think about it; but if you needed long term care, would your insurance policy cover it? The surprising answer is that many policies don’t offer long term care coverage, and this means that seniors and others who need dedicated long term care often have to scramble to find ways to pay for expensive ongoing treatment and help with daily chores and tasks. If you’d rather not take chances, come to us for long term care insurance.

Nurse with older man

A Simple Solution

At Cornerstone Medical Care Insurance Solutions, we offer a variety of options for long term care insurance. When you call us, you’ll receive:

  • A comprehensive consultation with an insurance professional

  • A choice of several different plans and policies

  • Competitive pricing and a no-pressure approach to insurance sales


Don’t chance it with an inadequate policy. Call Cornerstone Medical Care Insurance Solutions to learn more about long term care insurance today.

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